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How the Steady Form came to life.

The Steady Form was never intended to become a product that would be available to the general public. My name is Nick Albanese and I have been bow hunting since I was 13 years old. I took a love to shooting my bow at a young age and never had anyone to teach me how to shoot properly, so I was self taught. As I got older and got around other guys that were more experienced than me, is when I started noticing what I was doing wrong. I was like a sponge and soaked it all up. I added products to my bow to help make me a more consistent and accurate shooter. I could shoot targets very well and actually thought about getting involved in tournament shooting. But one thing that kept me at bay was ,although I shot targets very well, when I went hunting it was like everything I knew went out the door when a animal stepped in front of me. I would come down so hard on myself if I missed or wounded a animal. I would replay everything in my head and couldn't understand what I did wrong. I would try to go down the checklist before I would release the arrow but still once and awhile blow my shot. Until one day when I was hunting and let a arrow go, I had realized that I had gripped my bow as I released. Now I would practice for hours almost everyday and slam my targets with ease. It's then when I realized when I was target shooting, I was in a controlled environment and when I was hunting, it was the complete opposite. I noticed a lot of my shots that were blown, were either a left or right hits. Sometimes I would shoot under or over the animal when they were really close shots. I started thinking about my form and how it was broke down while in a tree stand or hiding behind a tree on the ground. I knew to be consistent, I had to hold onto my anchors, like a peep and or a kisser, and loosen my hand on the grip. Well on targets that was fine but hunting I sometimes could not remember if my hand was loose on the grip when I shot. I knew I was good on the rear and that's when the piece of the puzzle was found. My grip was the one thing I would forget because at that moment when the animal was in front of me, my adrenaline was at its peak. I was no longer in my controlled environment and didn't have control of my emotions. So I tried to figure out a way to give my hand a anchor point so I would not have to think about it, when I was in a hunting situation. I went to a friend of mines house who was a machinist and drew a blue print of what I needed to give the one area on my bow a anchor point, because nothing on the market was available to do it. I realized the more points of contact I could have the more accurate and consistent I would become. So after drawing it out and taking some measurements, my buddy had enough info to build me what I needed, and the Steady Form was born. What I didn't realize is, in a effort to give my bow arm a point of contact, I would be also solving many more issues. After receiving the prototype and mounting it onto my bow, is when it all came together. I started shooting targets even better, which I thought I didn't need, and my confidence was through the roof. So I started to extend my range because I felt unstoppable and there was nothing that could stop me. After a few years of using it,I realized all the true benefits of the Steady Form. I realized I was preventing form breakdown because I had made a triangle of anchor points. Meaning 2 in the back, peep and kisser or Peep and nose to the string, and one in the front with the Steady Form. That's when the laws of physics came in. That triangle was the missing link to make me more efficient in the field. Not only was I giving my arm a anchor point, but I was also preventing form breakdown. I also realized I was getting added stability and had reduced the chances of torquing my riser, which led to no more string slap also, but I was also able to release my arrow faster because I would set the Steady Form to the level on my sight and took one less thing off of my checklist. The Steady Form is so far advanced for its time that it is starting to revolutionize the way hunters take to the field and become more efficient. We as hunters owe it to ourselves because of the time and money spent for this one shot and owe it to the animals we pursue so they don't suffer from a poor hit. So check out what is taking archery to another level and do not let your next hunt end in disappointment. Take advantage of the Steady Form and be in control of your situations. Shoot with confidence. Shoot with Steady Form. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Happy hunting.

"Steady Form" bow accessory was created to eliminate the torque of the bow, secure the hunter to the bow and to help bow and shooter become as "ONE". Once the Steady Form system has been installed to your bow or on your string stopper and adjusted, you become "Locked in" , your confidence and ability to shoot with more efficiency and longer distances is amazing! Legendary Myles Keller said "the Steady Form Torque Eliminator is the best product for a bow that has come along in years !He said he had a similar idea he was going to try and make for his bow, fortunately he found the Steady Form with 7 points of custom adjustment and said if you're serious about bow hunting you need to have the Steady Form on your bow!"


With Steady Form's Torque Eliminator you won't need bubbles, strings or fancy grips to line you up because once your Steady Form is installed and adjusted to "YOUR" bow, that is it, you are now locked in! Every hunter knows in the heat of the moment they're NOT waiting for bubbles and strings get get in alignment, they want to pull back, get the animal in their sights and release. That is what Steady Form's Torque Eliminator will provide quick reliable every time you pick up your bow and pull back, instantly you will know you're now "Locked in", sight in and release! Game is over!

Steady Form Story

Nick Albanese has been dedicated to the sport of bow hunting for over 25 years and has been managing deer on hundreds of acres in Flemington, NJ for just as many years. Nick has been in the pursuit of excellence in his ability to improve himself as a shooter (although most would say he is a very accomplished bow hunter /shooter). He says "Torque is always the issue whether you're a beginner, novice or highly skilled expert "and Nick was set on coming up with a method to reduce or control the torque on his own bow. Nick came up with many applications and none of them really worked well until he came up with what is now called "Steady Form" (Torque Eliminator). Although the Steady Form went through several changes, nick new he had something very special and continued to perfect it. Nicks shooting became a topic of conversation with fellow hunters while using the Steady Form since he took his ability to an entirely different level, his range, consistency and groupings increased dramatically. Friends and fellow hunters soon were using the Steady Form and ALL were blown away with the results which motivated Nick to pursue helping the people who love the sport.

I have seen dozens of people at every level use the Steady Form and within two to three rounds the improvement is astonishing. I let people use my bow, make a couple slight quick adjustments and they are immediately shooting better with my bow and further than with their own bows. Whether you're a beginner, novice or expert the improvement with Steady Form will dramatically increase your results and others will notice! ... It's a great feeling! – Nick Albanese Flemington, NJ

"Steady Form" is already considered by many target shooter experts and experienced hunters nationwide, to be one of the most creative and useful products for bows that has come out in years!

How does it work?

The Steady Form system simply mounts to your bow or on your own string stopper rod. This system comes complete with a custom mounting bracket, fastener, ultra-lite rod, two Allen wrenches and the patented Steady Form accessory. The customized designed bracket has seven points of adjusting for comfort and stability. Steady Form adjusts for right or left-handed shooters and adjusts for perfect comfort. Once installed, with just a few simple adjustments your “locked in,” and will feel truly at one with your bow, with more confidence than you’ve ever experienced. Steady Form provides an additional anchor point to dramatically improve your comfort, stance, form, and accuracy. You’ll gain enhanced performance within just a few rounds of shooting and be so impressed with the results, you’ll wonder how you ever got along before without this new, essential accessory for all serious archers. So get ready, get steady, improve your aim and get “Locked In” today with Steady Form Torque Eliminator System! Steady Form was invented by an avid Bow hunter for a hunters and bow target shooters. The Steady Form is 100 percent Made in USA ...and proud of it!

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